Who’s excited for Pancake Day? I know a lot of people prefer more crepe-like pancakes but I’ve never been very good at making them, they’re too thin and flimsy. I’m much more partial to fluffy American-style pancakes (I blame PJ’s Pancake House and their $6 student brunch deal) and find them both easier to make and more satisfying to eat. So any Francophiles can just stop reading at this point.

I’ve always liked the idea of pancakes made from oats, but without egg as a binder I find they fall apart or just turn mushy a little too easily. I often make savoury chickpea flour fritters for a quick lunch, so played with the idea of adding chickpea flour to the mix to make the pancake more sturdy, and it worked perfectly (and don’t worry, it doesn’t taste savoury or chickpea-ish at all).  View Full Post

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d visited Paris recently. It was actually my third visit, and by far my favourite. Not being eaten alive by bedbugs in a dodgy hostel this time round probably had a lot to do with that, but it was also the company and the timing. Virginia and I discovered that we are very compatible travelling companions and expect similar things out of a trip — food being priority number one. View Full Post