I’ve been delaying this recipe because I kept telling myself I should wait until I feel awake and focused enough to write something interesting alongside it, but having realised that that’s unlikely to be any time soon I thought I may as well just let you have it as it is. Much as I’d love to give you a more inspiring blog post, I can hardly focus on the words on the screen at the moment and any lingering articulacy and energy within me is being sapped by my dissertation. I’ve never had a pet leech, but I imagine this is what it feels like. Although leeches only want blood, and I have plenty of that. So maybe a leech would be preferable. Anyway, I’ll let the blondies do the talking. They really are very tasty.

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Have you seen the price of chocolate truffles recently? A small box of reasonable quality will set you back a pretty penny. They certainly taste and look like a luxury item, granted, and there is something lovely about poring over the counter of a chocolate shop and picking out the delicate little things, but you can make them yourself at a fraction of the cost. Put in a nice box with some tissue, they’d make a lovely gift too (apparently Valentine’s Day is coming round again soon).

If you recognise the recipe, it’s because its actually the exact same as for the chocolate mousse – after the chilling stage you scoop up teaspoons and roll them into balls instead of serving in individual pots. What you coat them in is entirely up to you – I used dessicated coconut and cocoa powder, but finely chopped nuts or grated chocolate would be tasty too. View Full Post

The world seems to have gone protein powder crazy in recent years – of course protein is important, especially for those looking to gain muscle mass, but it really doesn’t require lots of expensive supplements. If you’re one of those protein obsessives but can’t/don’t want to move away from natural sources, this is a smoothie for you. Chocolate and peanut butter are a fairly classic (American) combination and this is a really creamy, delicious smoothie that doesn’t “taste healthy” at all. Feel free to replace with another nut butter if desired, although this will naturally change the nutritional content.

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Gluten free Vegan Brownies | magpieandmaple.com

These brownies were a long time in the making. Just ask my long-suffering family, who were forced to consume batch after batch of too-dry, too-gooey, too-crumbly, too-sweet, too-tasteless brownies until I finally landed upon this recipe which is, in my opinion, the best “healthy” brownie recipe around. I say healthy in inverted commas because brownies, by nature, are never going to be a superfood (in my experience any brownie which makes that claim doesn’t taste like a brownie, so be warned). So a balance needed to be found between making something which actually tastes like a brownie — rich, chocolately, indulgent — but is allergy-friendly, made of wholesome, natural ingredients, and doesn’t pack your entire daily fat, sugar and calorie allowance into one bite. I tried using cocoa powder — I generally prefer that as it’s cheaper and healthier — but it just didn’t give the richness and fudginess of real chocolate, so in the end I succumbed. If you’re going to eat a brownie, it may as well be a real one.

Oh, and my diligent taste testers unanimously agreed that these were best slightly warmed — they should know, given how many they ate. Serve with raspberries and cream to make it into a luxurious and super simple dinner-party dessert.

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