I’ve been gone two months now. Sorry about that. The transition from unemployed grad/stay-at-home-daughter to independent, employed, financially responsible (maybe) adult has been a tricky one to navigate. Life just gets in the way, you know? I’m left wondering how anyone ever has time to do more than get up, go to work, come home, eat, and sleep. But I’m getting there.

For someone with a food blog, my day to day meals aren’t all that inspiring – to put it mildly. Case in point: this morning’s breakfast was a slice of bread. Literally a slice of bread. Grabbed straight from the bag. Not even toasted. Eaten whilst running to the tube station half dressed, untied laces, wet hair, no makeup, just oversized sunglasses in a desperate attempt to look more with it. Whilst running down the road with a slice of bread in one hand. Before doing my makeup on the Northern line. Lunches are either non existent, whatever is reduced in the local shop, or the (very) occasional sandwich brought from home. For dinner I eat out, have leftovers, or throw the contents of my fridge into a frying pan.

Every now and then, though, I feel like I should make a better effort to look after myself (that’s what adults do, right?) and that to me means loading up on fruit and veg. So I go all out. This is one such example. I got it into my head I needed to get some vitamins and probiotics in me. Which I probably did, in fairness. And I love that citrus is in season, so that was part of the motivation. So I blitzed up an orange, a grapefruit, frozen raspberries and coconut yogurt. The result was a bright, sharp, fresh tasting thick smoothie which I topped with homemade granola, more coconut, and half a mango. It’s not quite as good as being on a beach in the tropics, admittedly. But it doesn’t taste too far off. View Full Post

Firstly — apologies for the two-week absence. What with a hectic new job and a whirlwind trip to the UAE (I’ll tell you all about that sometime. It was a hundred-miles-an-hour trip) there really hasn’t been a lot of time or energy for baking. I’m rarely home in daylight hours so photography is impossible, and my little time at home needs to be directed towards sleep.

Today, though, I’m in PJs all day, drinking hot coffee and eating fresh cookies. And I know what you’re thinking: if there’s one thing this blog really doesn’t need, it’s another cookie recipe. But hear me out. Firstly, you can never have too many cookies. Secondly, these are Christmas cookies. Yesterday was my official playing-Christmas-music-for-the-first-time-this-year day, because although I normally try to restrain myself until 1st December, when you’re still crawling down the M1 late on a Friday night, knowing that there’s still the underworld of TFL to deal with once you actually make it back to London, you need the emotional comfort that only Christmas music can bring. Which means that for me, Christmas season is here. And therefore the Christmas recipes can start to come.

If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while now, you’ll recognise the basic recipe. It’s my go-to for cookies. Because why fix what ain’t broke?

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If ever there’s a day for porridge, it’s today. I rose at 4am, shivering, the rain rattling at the windows, and sleepily threw clothes into a cold suitcase. At 5 my brother arrived home, sobered by being halfdrowned in rain, after staying up all night at the National Liberal Club to watch the U.S. election unfold. He helped me get my stuff to the bus stop, both of us running down the dimly lit road, slipping on the wet leaves, teeth chattering, grim at the prospect of a missed flight and a Trump presidency.
We said goodbye at the bus stop and parted ways, he for bed and I for Heathrow. And here I am, still shivering, sleepily eating a pot of Pret porridge, thinking it doesn’t taste nearly as good as anything I could make, huddled around a TV screen with other travellers from across the world, all of us watching the new U.S. President celebrate his victory. The trip was surreal to start with – I booked my flights barely a few days ago, on a whim, to go and see a friend out in Abu Dhabi – maybe I’m actually still asleep, I keep thinking. Any minute now I’ll wake up from this strange dream and go to work like normal.

The jury’s out on that one, but this porridge is absolutely real. It’s an indulgent porridge, given the use of an entire vanilla bean, with a subtle and delicate flavour and made luxuriously creamy by the oat milk. It doesn’t require much, if any, sweetness. Serve with toppings of choice, as always.  View Full Post


It’s a cold, bright morning here in the suburbs, with a thin veil of mist hanging across the horizon and blurring the leaves of the trees into one bold splash of colour.  I’m drinking strong, hot coffee, and playing with the cat, and trying to forget about the things I don’t have. My time will come, just as surely as the bright leaves will fall and the sun will set. And in the meantime, there are warm cinnamon buns to be baked, and sunny autumn mornings to admire.

The inspiration for these came from the Primrose Bakery recipe, but I wanted them to be free of animal products and found that this was perfectly easy to do. Best enjoyed warm on a cold morning, but pretty good at any time of the day or night.  View Full Post