Hi, I’m Kate, welcome to my corner of the web! I like chocolate, cake, vegetables, running, red wine, red lipstick, red dresses, coffee, travel, happy hour, night trains, barre classes, sleep, pyjamas, Christmas, tea, and breakfast. I don’t like student debt, negative people, or decaf coffee.

My main love is food — eating it, making it, and experimenting with new flavours and recipes. Here you’ll find a carefully curated collection of the more successful experiments.

I’ve recently started to ask more questions about where my ingredients come from, and now try hard to only use products that haven’t been produced through the exploitation of people, animals, or the world’s finite resources. This has led to reanalysis of other aspects of my lifestyle, like fashion and wellness. If, like me, this isn’t something you know much about, the Living Well section is where I share my discoveries on everything from ethical brands to fresh advice on making your lifestyle as sustainable and compassionate as possible.

I like to think this is a food and lifestyle blog with a difference – and I hope you agree 🙂