Good Morning Detox Tea

Disclaimer: I write this with a large mug of coffee in hand, which totally contradicts the nature of this post. However, in general, believe me when I say that I’ve been good this holiday; it’s my first coffee in about a week which is good going for me. I drink so much of the stuff in term time that when I come home I try to drink as little as possible — or at least stick to decaf. It’s so nice to wake up not feeling tired and groggy.

This is a great alternative morning drink and one I hope to stick with when I return to Oxford in a few days. I’ve been an avid green tea drinker for a while now, and when I remember I like having some hot water and lemon in the morning too. It wasn’t until I flicked through the Oh She Glows Cookbook recently that it struck me I should combine the two.

Green tea has long been known for its health benefits, in particular for being a powerful antioxidant, whilst lemon infused in warm water is believed to boost everything from digestion to metabolism to immunity. I decided to add a chunk of ginger too, as lemon and ginger is a fairly classic combination, and ginger is a health food in its own right (promotes digestion, fights inflammation, etc. etc.). If you don’t have fresh ginger to hand, I’ve used ground ginger in the past and it’s worked fine.

This is so simple it’s really a bit of a non-recipe; simply pour green tea over a slice of lemon and a chunk of ginger, and leave to infuse for a few minutes. Admittedly it is a fairly acquired taste, but a much better way to ease into a new day than an extra-large latte.


    • Kate 17th April 2015 / 2:00 pm

      I hope you like it! 🙂

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