Luxury Hot Chocolate

Luxury is a word we tend to associate with frivolous items; things that would make our lives easier or more comfortable if we could afford them, but that aren’t essential for our day to day welfare. We don’t often think of our homes, electricity, bread or clean running water as luxury items because we have come to expect them as a basic necessity. But if we think about it, the term is relative; one person’s luxury is another’s staple. And if we’re honest, aren’t most of our lives pretty luxurious relatively speaking?

This came to mind because, well, it’s cold outside. The kind of cold that seems to seep through every well-wrapped woolly layer and make you feel cold in your bones. I spent the weekend snuggled up in my warm, cosy room, with my fairy lights twinkling cheerily, my duvet wrapped over me, and plenty of this creamy hot chocolate. It is so rich and velvety that luxury seemed the right word to describe it. When I finally ventured outside, however, I was reminded of just how many people are not able to spend cold, snowy days the way that I do, sheltered and warm and protected. Luxury, for many, means a warm air vent or a covered doorway. The word I had intended to apply to this drink — primarily to distinguish it from my existing hot chocolate recipe — took on a new level of meaning.

There is no smooth way to segway into the recipe, but maybe as you sip on it’s warm chocolatey deliciousness, take a moment to think of and appreciate all the luxuries in your life — and, perhaps, consider how you could impart a little of that to someone else.

Serves 1


-1/4 cup of pitted dates (about 5-6)

-1/2 cup raw cashews

-1/2 cup boiling water

-1tsp coconut oil

-1tbsp cocoa powder

-1tbsp pure maple syrup


1. Soak the dates and cashews overnight, or at least 8 hours. This is really important to make sure they break down in the blender. Drain, rinse and put into a blender or food processor.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend on a high power until smooth. Add more water if you want it thinner.

4. Pour into a mug, add whatever toppings or extra you fancy – I added coconut cream and toasted coconut.

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