My courgette cake with coconut cream icing is my most popular recipe ever (thanks FeedFeed! 609 5-star reviews, that’s insane). It’s still one of the most searched for items on this site, it seems you can’t get enough of it! It’s only taken me 18 months to convert the recipe into an equally sumptuous carrot cake which I think you’ll love just as much.

In the middle ages people used carrot to sweeten desserts, as sugar was expensive and hard to come by for the average person; the practice was repopularised because of rationing during the Second World War. As such, carrot cakes are not meant to be overly sweet, but they should be moist and delicately spiced. I’ve found that a blend of five different spices, orange zest/juice, and sultanas is the optimum combination. This cake is vegan, naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, and is made with wholegrain spelt flour.

One other thing I should say: this recipe makes a three tier cake. The photos only show a two tier, as I may have eaten one of the layers before it made it to the icing stage.  View Full Post

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m reminded of something Jane Austen is rumoured to have said — that the only way to find a man like Mr Darcy is to make him up. It strikes me that the same is true of brownies. There are a lot of sub-par (and overpriced) brownies out there. Dry, cake-y, and sickly sweet are my pet hates; a brownie should be rich, gooey, and crackly on top. Vegan brownies especially tend to fall into the cake-y category, as they lack the high quantities of butter and eggs that traditionally give a brownie its desirable qualities.

The addition of raspberries was inspired by Valentines Day, as chocolate and raspberry often seem to feature together in luxurious and romantic settings — and with good reason, as they’re a perfect match. The crunch from the toasted hazelnuts, the richness of the dark chocolate chips and the coarseness of the sea salt complete the scene. If you’re in need of a gift for a loved one this Wednesday (be it a friend, a lover, family, or yourself) I think this is it. Making your own brownies is a lot easier than making your own Mr Darcy, after all.  View Full Post

Who’s excited for Pancake Day? I know a lot of people prefer more crepe-like pancakes but I’ve never been very good at making them, they’re too thin and flimsy. I’m much more partial to fluffy American-style pancakes (I blame PJ’s Pancake House and their $6 student brunch deal) and find them both easier to make and more satisfying to eat. So any Francophiles can just stop reading at this point.

I’ve always liked the idea of pancakes made from oats, but without egg as a binder I find they fall apart or just turn mushy a little too easily. I often make savoury chickpea flour fritters for a quick lunch, so played with the idea of adding chickpea flour to the mix to make the pancake more sturdy, and it worked perfectly (and don’t worry, it doesn’t taste savoury or chickpea-ish at all).  View Full Post

I’ll admit that I had some difficulty trying to categorise these. I’m fairly sure their texture and flavour qualifies them for shortbread, but they also share similarities with Viennese biscuits (whose swirl pattern I copied) as well as your average biscuit-tin biscuit, or even sugar cookies.

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